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An amazing product for daily face cleansing. It cleanses deeply the face skin and leaves it smoot..
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The activated charcoal removes all kind of toxines from your skin pores, leaving your face clean and..
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Specialized face care with an innovative product enriched with Hyaluronic, Vitamin E, lemon &am..
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An innovative product that besides the face cleansing, it contributes to tightening, moisturization ..
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Soap with Goat's Milk Suitable for sensitive skin Moisturizes the skin in depth Soothes ecz..
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Our soap enriched with moisturizing oils that helps the shaving process softening the sensitive..
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Handmade olive oil soap with Aloe Aloe: Aloe rejuvenates and deeply moisturizes the skin ..
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Handmade olive oil soap with chamomile & almond oil Chamomile & Almond Oil: Chamomile off..
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Handmade olive oil soap with Cinnamon & Shea Butter   Cinnamon & Shea Butter: Cin..
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Αναπλαστικές και καταπραϋντικές ιδιότητες Βαθιά θρέψη & ενυδάτωση της επιδερμίδας Ιδανική..
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